AI Hype and the Opportunists

I recently watched this talk by Zachary Lipton. The talk is two years old but still relevant, important and informative.

Here are few things that stuck out for me on this matter -

  • Excitement + Ignorance = Misinformation
  • AI/ML is currently in the same phase that the dot com boom was in the 90s. Back then anyone who could get a website registered was a software expert. And now anyone can become
    – a self appointed AI authority or influencer, with limited or no technical expertise.
    – or can get into positions of authority by throwing money at the problem.
  • Some researchers try to anthropomorphize their technology to sensationalize things — like for example calling answer prediction as text comprehension.( I think it is okay to attempt to catch the attention of your readers with fancy words/phrases, but the readers have to be wary and discerning while reading the text)
  • The number of people who can train neural networks has blown up, but the number of people who can reason about it unfortunately has not. Basically thinking about things like when will this network break or what might the results mean.( which is why concepts like causality is probably important).

Do listen to the whole talk, it is quite short and might be worth the time.